Dirty up that couch.

As much as we hate it, we can’t be on our bikes all the time. After all, we have to eat and sleep sometimes. Also work, because how else are you going to afford to keep your bike(s)? It’s so rough, guys. I know. Still, if you want to vicariously enjoy some MX action from the comfort of your couch when you’re not actually in the saddle, the newest entry in the MXGP series dropped on August 27, 2019 for PlayStation 4, XBOX One, Windows PC, and Steam. 

MXGP 2019 follows on from where MXGP Pro left off—sort of. Early reviews say that while MXGP Pro was more of an unforgiving race simulator, MXGP 2019 harks back to previous entries in the series, in terms of being more arcade-like. How you feel about whether that’s a good thing will, of course, depend entirely on you. 

Some people like the harsher challenges of a good race simulator. Others enjoy racing friends arcade-style. It’s all down to personal preference, and as long as you know what you’re getting into, you can make good gaming choices. Since the trailer above doesn’t tell you a whole lot about actual gameplay, here’s a review from YouTuber windham151 with gameplay footage:




There are some new features, as well. A new track editor that the Sixth Axis says is borrowed from the Supercross series allows you to set up your own tracks that can go for up to three minutes per lap. Also, you can access other gamers’ tracks if you play in single-race GP mode. 

Additionally, there’s an open world option called the Playground, but the Sixth Axis experienced some frustrating load time problems with events accessed in the Playground that you might want to read up on.

Of course, no game can replace the experience of actually riding, but they’re still plenty of fun. Plus, playing games with the young kids in your family can get them interested in riding real bikes and seeing how awesome it can be. That can only be a bonus.

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