"I'm fine, guys!"

Drag races are spectacular displays of speed and control. It’s the occasion for amateurs to push the limits of their vehicles legally and a chance for thrill-seekers to reach ludicrous speeds in controlled environments. We love to dig out the latest quarter-mile duals pitting some of the fastest bikes on the market against one another or even against some of the wildest cars out there. Sometimes, however, we are reminded that while this looks like fun and game, there are real risks associated with any type of racing, including on the drag strip. 

Drag racers Tii Tharpe and Beau Layne went up against one another at the Pacific Raceways in Seattle during the Magic Dry Organic Absorbent Northwest Nationals. When the green light came on, the two riders took off on the back wheel, balancing on the wheelie bars. Layne took the lead on his racing Harley, however as soon as the front wheel landed, things went south. Layne’s front wheel touched the ground at a skewed angle, which sent him off course. He crossed over to competitor and fellow racer Tharpe’s lane before brutally hitting the cement wall. The impact threw him off the motorcycle that then swerved and rode away, leaving Layne to tumble on the tarmac. 

He can be seen getting up on his own and walking around at the end of the video—a miracle considering the violence of the impact. Layne was transported to a nearby hospital to get assessed after he confirmed feeling pain in his arm. A fellow competitor later shared an update: “Beau took a wild ride, right into the wall, from one lane into the other, and he's got most of the skin and the tendons scraped off down to the bone.” 

Despite the apparent severity of the injury, it was confirmed that Layne had every intention to be back in the saddle by the end of the month. 

Thankfully, nothing really tragic happened. Before the incident, Layne recorded a 6.408-seconds time and clocked in at 215.8 mph. 

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