London-based helmet maker Hedon specializes in beautiful, extremely retro-looking helmets that are built with modern safety features and materials. That seems like a pretty sure-fire formula for success. It also makes it not hugely surprising that Hedon just announced a major multi-year partnership with BMW to exclusively provide “a new range of premium open-face helmets,” like the one you see above.

Currently, this helmet image appears to be the only one out in the wild. According to Hedon, however, additional unique designs will be based on BMW’s “legendary colors.” The line has currently launched across the BMW European dealer network, concurrent with this announcement. No word at this time has been given about when or if these helmets will be available in North America. 

Hedon does have several US and Canada-based retailers selling its wares according to its site, however. Perhaps we should take Hedon co-founder Reginald Flint’s words about this launch as a hint that we will see this BMW collaboration on our shores. 

“This is an exciting time for Hedon as we expand our international distribution into the USA, Far East and South America, launch innovative new products for the motorcycle industry and develop partnership relationships with global automotive brands,” wrote Flint on the company’s social media platforms.

For those unfamiliar with Hedon, their premium helmets are lovely to look at, and also made of top quality materials. Both full- and open-face lids feature ECE 2205 and often also DOT certification for sale in the US and Canada. Prices aren’t cheap, as you probably expect, and range from £309 on the low end to £779 on the high end (that’s $386 to $972 USD). The company also makes a bicycle helmet called the Cortex in many color variants, which retails for £199 (about $248 USD). 

Hedon also makes bespoke helmets upon request. The company also produces accessories for its various helmet lines like visors, sun peaks, and leather face masks with interchangeable vents. Since Hedon’s face masks come in red, brown, and black, they will also presumably go well with the new BMW color schemes. Incidentally, Hedon is also currently busy making the Zenith helmet that pairs with the Arc Vector electric motorcycle.

Source: Instagram, Facebook, Hedon

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