Yamaha always said it planned to use its Leaning Multi-Wheeled (LMW) technology for more than just the Niken. Now, the company has unveiled the final version of its LMW-equipped Tritown scooter. Since this is Yamaha’s third point in a three-wheeler triumvirate (well, so far), let’s take a look. 

The Tritown concept was unveiled and demonstrated live and in person at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show as part of the Yamaha Future Garage. Even then, it was clear that this was more like a three-wheeled Segway competitor than a traditional motorcycle or scooter. The main difference is the LMW integration, which means that you lean the Tritown to steer instead of just nudging the handlebars in one direction or another.

While that still clearly doesn’t make it a motorcycle or a step-through, it’s nevertheless an interesting utilization of the LMW technology. According to Bennetts, Yamaha is allowing members of the public to test the final version at Echigo Hillside Park in Nagaoka City, Niigata, Japan right now. This final test period started on July 13 and runs through August 11, so the public has nearly a month in total to check out this stand-up electric scooter for themselves. 

The Tritown features a 500w electric motor which receives power from a 380wh lithium ion battery. According to Motociclismo, the setup has a modest range of 32km (just under 20 miles), but can recharge in under 3 hours. 

Max speed is around 25kph (or about 15.5mph), and the weight is around 40kg (or 88 pounds). Now, we already suspect that Yamaha plans to expand its Tricity saddle-type three-wheeled scooter line because of this patent filing in April 2019. What’s clear at this point is that Yamaha is, at the very least, tripling down on getting its three-wheelers out into the world. 

Yamaha Tritown Movement
How to ride the Tritown, by Yamaha.

Yamaha doesn’t intend for the Tritown to be a long-range vehicle by any stretch. Instead, the company is referring to it as “a last-mile vehicle.” So, if you need something to help you get between the train station and where you live, it might be a viable option. 

Unfortunately, what’s unclear is precisely how usable an 88-pound standing scooter will prove to be. After all, it won’t exactly be easy to lug up and down stairs if you don’t have an elevator in your home or office. Additionally, parking security outside might also be a challenge given the Tritown’s unconventional size and shape. 

We don’t have an estimated MSRP at this point, but it’s probably going to cost more than you’d be happy to lose if someone just walked away with it. So, even if the idea of an electric three-wheeled stand-up scooter is immensely appealing to you, the question of how to practically integrate it into your life looms large.

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