It’s fun to see nature around you as you zoom past on your bike—except when it’s a deer leaping in front of you, seemingly out of nowhere. Luckily, this isn’t one of those stories. Instead, it’s something even more terrifying. How would you feel if you were out for a quiet ride and found yourself stalked by a tiger? You’d probably ride away screaming, like these guys did. 

The clip comes from near Pambra, Wayanad, India—which you can see from the map below is conveniently located between two tiger reserves. Nearby, Nagarhole National Park is home to an estimated 9 tigers per 100 square kilometers (about 38.6 square miles), according to the Karnataka forest department. Bandipur Tiger Reserve, which is also nearby, houses an estimated 231 additional tigers. In other words, there are an awful lot of big cats in the area.

Pambra, Wayanad, India map

Nagarhole National Park, itself, does not allow two-wheeled vehicles to ride through due to the abundance of wildlife that might be present in the road—including both tigers and elephants. Safari tours are available by boat, coracle, and Jeep, but motorcyclists in the area have to go all the way around the 640 square kilometers of park (that’s around 240 square miles) instead of riding through. There’s a lot of forest in that national park as well, which offers ample cover for many of the hundreds of species of wildlife that call it home—including tigers.

The wildlife in the park is completely wild—after all, it isn’t a zoo, where the animals inside are caged. While there is an astoundingly large population of herbivores present in this particular park, the tigers there eagerly hunt fresh meat for themselves. In other words, these motorcyclists were lucky to escape and live to post this video online. 

This is definitely one of those instances where having some kind of action cam going at all times comes in handy. Recording terrible traffic behavior in heavily congested urban areas is one thing, but videos shot by tiger stalking survivors has to be a ridiculously small niche. 

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