Summer is the ideal time to go on a road trip with your friends—and if it’s a moto roadtrip, so much the better. Vintage bikes present their own set of challenges and fun times—and the older they are, the more unique the challenge. In the case of pre-war machines like some of the ones that Moto Club Bordeaux rode across France, history can be both inspirational and weighty—after all, it’s not like you can just find replacement parts for your 1927 Terrot 350 SV down at your local dealer. 

The group, which loves to restore and ride these 1920s and ‘30s bikes, rode approximately 380 miles across France and recorded the whole thing so that everyone can enjoy it. According to club member and Reddit poster Peficus, the bikes you’re seeing in this video are a 1932 Dresch 500cc SV, a 1929 Terrot NSSO 500cc OHV, a 1927 Magnat Devon 500 SV, a 1933 Favor 350cc OHV, a 1932 Favor 350cc SV, a 1928 Gnome & Hone D2 500cc OHV, and a 1927 Terrot 350 SV. 

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Their destination was the Vintage Revival Montlhery 2019 event, which was full of both pre-war motorcycles and cars. In all, the bikes and their riders averaged around 90 miles per day, including all necessary repairs along the way. Peficus wrote that he led the group on a 1987 Honda XL600R, from which he also shot video for the riders—and moto enthusiasts around the world—to document this trip.

A ride like this almost seems made for some type of documentary feature in addition to this excellent short video. After all, the older they get, the more stories motorcycles have—and it would surely be nothing short of fascinating to learn more about the lives these bikes have lived. Their current caretakers may be much younger than the bikes themselves—but that doesn’t mean they can’t share knowledge with the world.

For more information, including plenty more photos and videos about this project, check out the group’s Facebook page.

Sources: YouTube, Reddit

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