Starting a new series from scratch—especially if it’s a single-make series, like MotoE—is surely difficult enough. Facing the unprecedented setback of having the entire paddock of race-prepped bikes burn down shortly before your inaugural season is meant to start might be close to the worst thing you could imagine. Still, Energica—and thus, MotoE—vowed that they would recover. Amazingly, they seem to have done exactly what they set out to accomplish, and MotoE is officially a go once more.

It’s only been three months since that terrible fire utterly decimated all the initial Energica Ego Corsas that had been prepped for the new series. A full investigation found that a mysterious short circuit was to blame—and while a charging station that held batteries inside was involved, no actual Egos themselves contributed to the conflagration, according to VisorDown.

Short Circuit
Johnny 5 could not be reached for comment.

Amazingly, despite the kind of setbacks that would have given any reasonable person or series pause, pre-season testing has officially started in Valencia as of June 17, 2019. Following the revised 2019 FIM Enel MotoE World Cup schedule, the first race weekend of the all-electric MotoGP support series will take place on July 7 through 9 at the Sachsenring circuit in Germany.

Testing is scheduled to continue from June 17 through 19 at the Ricardo Tormo Circuit, and RoadRacingWorld reports that electronic settings updates have been put in place since the March fire at Jerez with an aim to increase safety. The publication’s own official test rider, Alessandro Brannetti, even crashed an Ego Corsa at Cremona last week and neither the rider nor the bike suffered any serious damage—just check out their short videos to see.

Racing talent in the one-make series includes plenty of familiar faces, including Alex de Angelis, Sete Gibernau, Maria Herrera, Xavier Simeon, Randy de Puniet, Nicolas Terol, Bradley Smith, Niccolo Canepa, and Niki Tuuli. Be sure to use your indoor excited voices to cheer for the 2019 season opener at the Sachsenring!

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