If dirt bike trails got ratings like downhill ski slopes, Utah's Five Miles of Hell would be a double black diamond. Located in the San Rafael Swell near Moab, the Bureau of Land Management calls it "the most challenging single track dirt bike trails in Utah. This trail is popular with trials riders, mountain bikers or anyone wanting to test their skills on a dirt bike." Russell and Cole of Gnarly Routes take on the challenge in this video, which shows their entire run.

Dirt Bike Utah provides more information about the trail. "'Five Miles' is a lie," it says. "It's more like eight." They probably call it Five Miles of Hell so that it feels longer than five miles, which, well, it is.

"Imagine every challenging obstacle you have ever ridden your dirt bike on or over," continues the description. "Put those obstacles back to back, over and over for about eight miles, and call it 'Five Miles of Hell.'" They're not kidding.

Fortunately, they have the right bikes for the job. Russell tackles the trail on his 2019 KTM 500 EXC-F, while Cole rides his slightly smaller 2019 KTM 300 XC-W TPI. Already great bikes off the showroom floor, these have many additional modifications to help them perform. They need all the help they can down this super technical trail.

Still, the guys manage to maintain a good brisk pace. It's like watching eveRide at two times normal speed (no offense meant, Tyler, these guys are just that quick). They manage to complete the trail in 43 minutes and 22 seconds. 

They've also issued a challenge to dirt riders everywhere. If you come to Utah, ride Five Miles of Hell, and beat their time with video evidence, they'll give you some swag for their YouTube channel, as well as some well-deserved high-fives. You may want to study their video first so you know what you're in for.

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