If you’ve fiddled with the inside of your bike before, especially a dirt bike transmission, you might already be familiar with the work of Rekluse. The company specializes in high-performance, after market clutch kits. The brand has now released a new, semi automatic Radius X clutch kit compatible with Husqvarna’s street models, the Vitpilen and Svartpilen 401.

The role of the technology isn’t to entirely take over gear control—if you’re looking to avoid changing gears altogether, you’re barking up the wrong tree (or web?). What Rekluse’s technology does do, however, is keep the bike from stalling, a particularly useful feature if you’re hitting the trails.

The Rekluse kit uses a thin friction technology (TFT) TorqueDrive clutch pack with plates that are thinner and slightly broader than standard factory ones, which increases the surface area. The Radius X kit also includes an EXP unit, a disc that uses centrifugal force to replace some of the clutch lever action. The faster the engine revs, the more the centrifugal force applies pressure to a set of wedges that slide gradually towards the edge of the disc, lifting the top one and increasing friction.

Rekluse Radius X Husqvarna Kit

Because it fills in for the manual clutch in certain situations, it allows the rider to instead focus on his technique and on his lines instead of working on clutch control. The rider still has to work the clutch to change gears, it just means that dropping the lever doesn’t mean having to kickstart it back to life.

In a street application, the technology makes riding in rush hour traffic easier and relieves some of the hard work the left hand usually has to do. According to Husqvarna, the Rekluse Radius X kit should “enhance the feeling and overall performance of your motorcycle.” The kit includes all the part required to do an entire swap with a factory clutch, while fitting within the same compartment. The swap can even be done at home, provided you’re willing to put in a bit of work.

No pricing has been set for the Husky-friendly version of the kit, but other Radius X kits sell for between $600 and $730.

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Husqvarna Motorcycles is offering VITPILEN 401 and SVARTPILEN 401 owners the chance to take the performance of their Husqvarna machines to the next level with the addition of a Rekluse Radius X Centrifugal Clutch Kit. Featuring the latest in technology, this system will seriously enhance the feeling and overall performance of your motorcycle.

Designed and manufactured by industry specialists Rekluse to comply with Husqvarna Motorcycles’ highest standards of quality, the Rekluse Radius X Centrifugal Force Clutch Kit combines a TorqDrive® clutch pack with Rekluse’s innovative EXP automatic clutch disk. Following a quick and uncomplicated installation process, the kit offers smoother clutch engagement while improving traction in all conditions.

Installing this progressive clutch kit eliminates the chance for engine stalling when starting or braking hard. Offering an even more accessible and enjoyable experience for riders of all levels, the automatic clutch allows for easy starting and stopping without the need to use the clutch lever.

Providing a more relaxed and controlled riding experience, the Rekluse Radius X Automatic Clutch Kit allows Husqvarna owners to ride their VITPILEN 401 or SVARTPILEN 401 machines for longer periods of time covering greater distances. Therefore, allowing more time to focus on line selections, resulting in a pure riding experience spent enjoying the Husqvarna Motorcycles’ sophisticated single-cylinder performance.

To find out more about the Rekluse Radius X Centrifugal Force Clutch Kit upgrade, please visit your local authorized Husqvarna Motorcycles dealer, or click HERE to visit our website for more information.

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