We like to introduce you to awesome riders we find onYouTube who share with us their unique outlook on the world of two wheels and, lucky for us, make videos out of it. Today, I’d like to introduce you to the faultine20 crew.

It all started with the really awesome video of a dude on a dirtbike ascending a volcano in Indonesia shared on Reddit. I was obviously going to click on that, right? The 7-minute long ranks high on the fun factor scale so I decided to check out faultline20’s YouTube channel. Turns out this Aussie crew of dirt riders has a knack for making cool off-roading videos.

Their style is slick, simple, minimalistic, but in my opinion, effective. They strap their cameras to their helmet and just… ride. The videos are well edited, they throw some high octane music into the mix, with the sound of the engine and the occasional comments (read: cussing) and voilà. You have yourself a simple but fun recipe for making videos. Plus, because the camera is attached directly to the helmet, we feel the hits and bumps which give a dynamism to the recording.

I find that the beauty of their videos lies in their simplicity. I find some videos can sometimes be over-edited and while, when it’s well done, it can be efficient, when it isn’t, I lose interest.

The guys ride everywhere. Whether they’re just going for a Sunday ride on the coast of their homeland with view on the ocean, tackling the Tasmanian rainforest or, of course, riding up an Indonesian volcano, they take us off the beaten paths in gorgeous regions we don’t often get to see.

Next time you feel like traveling without leaving your chair, check out their videos, there’s bound to be one that’ll get you there.

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