Don't look down!

There’s off-roading, and there’s this. I’ve always been curious about giving off-roading a try, but like a lot of riders like, I’ve stuck to the streets until now because of the lack of opportunities to tackle the trails. Thankfully, for those among us road riders who enjoy the trails vicariously, there’s YouTube and wealth of adventurous riders who like to record their feats on the trails. While some of them make us wish we could join in the fun, others make us glad we’re sitting at home and this is definitely one of them.

Romania is a low-key treasure few tourists turn to because no fad has made it a trendy destination yet. With landscapes ranging from lakes to mountains and everything in between, it’s easy to imagine that the roads are a delight to discover on two wheels.

A rider tackled some hills in the Maramures region, up in the Carpathian mountains with a camera strapped to his helmet as he made his way along a few ridges. By made his way, we really mean balanced on the edge of some pretty steep inclines. The view is breathtaking, unless you suffer from the fear of heights, in which case this video will make you a little sweaty. It’s both impressive and nerve racking.

The 180-degree camera angle view allows us to see both sides of the crest the rider tackles without so much as a doubt, offering a breathtaking view of his playground. While this isn’t exactly the type of off-roading some of us are willing to try, we can still appreciate the surroundings and the rider’s boldness as he follows the foot-wide trail leading him to the very edge of a few-hundred-feet fall.

This is when we get to appreciate other riders being out there while we enjoy their stunts on video. Looks like Romania's going on my bucket list but maybe I'll keep the crest-riding to the pros.

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