These custom built hearses can take you on your final ride.

"Ride to live, live to ride" is a popular saying among a certain demographic of motorcyclists, as well as a Twisted Sister song. One company, Tombstone Hearse & Trike, is dedicated to extending your riding years beyond the mortal realm by building motorcycle hearses that can take you for one last ride.

Tombstone got the idea of a motorcycle hearse while attending Daytona Bike Week in 2001. A funeral home was displaying their custom horse-drawn hearse coach with many motorcycles parked across the street. This inspired Tombstone to put the two together into a new type of hearse based on the old Victorian era horse-drawn concept.

A Harley-Davidson Road King forms the basis of this unique hearse. It gets a Champion trike conversion, modified to be even wider than stock. A Baker F6R 6 speed reversing transmission with an electric reverse lockout replaces the original transmission. A Baker 34 tooth transmission drive pulley replaces the stock 30 tooth unit to lower the gearing for towing. The bike gets special wheels, fenders, and tombstone-shaped tail lights to enhance the look, as well as driving lights with wig-wag functionality. A Mustang solo seat replaces the stock one, and a fifth wheel hitch enables the coach to hook up to the bike.

The coach is an entirely custom unit built on a steel frame with a fiberglass body and plywood deck. It has an electric brake system with a matching control unit on board the Harley trike. The coach features LED lighting and custom coach lights that double as turn signals. The inside contains the usual carpet, padding, and casket rollers you would expect inside of any hearse. Glass windows on all four sides let passers-by see how cool you look (or at least your casket) while taking your last ride.

Tombstone markets these hearses to funeral homes as a way to provide a specialized service to motorcycle enthusiasts, but these could make an entertaining custom ride as well. It could certainly make a unique Halloween decoration.

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