A week ago, Suzuki released a teaser hinting that something special  is coming to Intermot in a few weeks. Of course, the sword-making in the video was a big-enough hint as to what’s been cooking in the Suzuki kitchen and with the “Katana” name licensed earlier in the year, the math was easy. What we didn’t know is that last week’s video wasn’t going to be only one. We’re getting a part two.

The build up

Last week, a smith was beating some red, hot metal into the shape of a blade. This second video shows the sword completed and the shape of the blade is undeniably typical of a katana. The sword is now ready and with Intermot coming up, the message is very poetic. We don’t want it to end with two, though: the hype is building up!

Now we hope Suzuki is going to take full advantage of the opportunity at hand here. Next step, the sword should be put to use and swung around. Cue some samurai cliches, and, eventually, a silhouette on two wheels. Who knows what’s coming next! There has to be something else; two is a weird number to end with. Two hands are good, two wheels are even better, but only two teasers? Sad trombone.

The manufacturer has been good at keeping its secret. Very little information has leaked so far—we still have some time before the show. Some have speculated that the Katana could also introduce a brand-new turbocharged powertrain to the Suzuki two-wheel lineup, turbo engine that could make its way into the Hayabusa. Word on the street is that the rumored GSX700T will receive the familiar Japanese appellation.  

Now we wait for the next Suzuki teaser because there has to be at least a third one. Only twenty more days to go before Intermot 2018 kickstarts and we finally get to see just how right we were about everything.

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