Did someone say hot cakes?

Back in May, Royal Enfield announced it was releasing a super limited edition version of the Bullet called the Pegaus 500. Only 1,000 units of the World War II-inspired motorcycle have been produced. For North America, you might think. Nope, for the entire world! 250 of these units have already been sold... in under 3 minutes.

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178 seconds—or 2 minutes and 58 seconds—that's the time it took for all 250 Pegasus opened up for the Indian market to find a home. That's faster than eating a sandwich or taking a shower. Understandably, the flash sale set a new record. The expression "You snooze, you lose" has never had a more accurate meaning.

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"The sale for Pegasus motorcycles has shown the tremendous aspiration to own brand Royal Enfield once again," said Enfield's president Rudratej Singh. "Beyond all expectations, the sale of 250 limited edition Pegasus motorcycles was concluded online in a record time of only 178 seconds! I congratulate all the customers who are now proud owners of the Classic Pegasus limited edition motorcycle and thank them for their support and patronage."

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The Pegasus is an homage to the British Army's Flying Flea and has been designed in close collaboration with the Parachute Regiment. The frozen-in-time company is playing up its vintage aesthetics hard and it's working.

The remaining 750 Pegasus units will be sold in North America, Australia, and in the UK—we can assume we'll each get an equal share. How fast will these coveted 500s go in the US? Think we can sell faster?

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