Moto Guzzi is for old fogies. Moto Guzzi have lost their way. Slow, fat and lifeless. Ugly and boring. Terblanche can't design his way out a paper bag. For all of you who have ever said any of the above statements, you can now collectively shut up. Pierre Terblanche's V12 LeMans concept is beautiful. It is easily on par with his other iconic design that shaped over a decade of motorcycle design, the SuperMono. We're babbling now. We'll stop. Full press release after the jump.


Miguel Galluzzi and Pierre Terblanche capture the essence of Moto Guzzi and inject it into motorcycles to drool over, designed with one thing in mind: pure riding pleasure.

Miguel Galluzzi e Pierre Terblanche - two of the most brilliant motorcycle designers of all time - teamed up to present us with their styling exercises centred around the very essence of the Moto Guzzi brand - its legendary in-line twin-cylinder engine.
The V12 prototypes have been developed around the 1,200 cc 4-valve 90-degree V-twin from Mandello, so much so that they were even named after it.

This is Moto Guzzi's tribute to the one engine that turned the "Italian eagle" brand into a myth of motorcycling and to its unique character. It is a statement of Moto Guzzi's commitment to keep developing and improving its flagship engine for the years to come.

Pierre Terblanche's prototypes stand out for the minimalist design of the aluminium casting frame embracing that true masterpiece of mechanics. The frame compact dimensions make for a simple, neat layout. Tank, saddle and tail are integrated into a monocoque structure, an unconventional example of the fine art of design combining technology, style and practicality.
The overall impression is one of striking neatness, a sight unseen in the motorcycle industry: there is not a single cable left in sight, not a single off-key detail to be found. Such uncluttered appearance and compact size would simply be unthinkable without the sleek layout of the Guzzi twin-cylinder engine. Quite a paradox, if one considers the exuberant personality of this engine.

The V12 models are true to the Moto Guzzi tradition and its commitment to innovation that goes back nearly 9 decades.
Moto Guzzi is back to the quintessential Italian bike (so much so that all labels and indications are in Italian), a statement of style combined with technology. Rather than on performance for performance's sake, the focus is on showcasing the mechanics, on essential design, on the pleasure of owning a unique motorcycle and - of course - on riding fun, thanks to its eager engine and amazing chassis.

The prototype features innovative details and solutions, like the concept bikes they are. Noteworthy are the cutting-edge rear suspension of the V12 LeMans, the LCD "rear-view mirrors", the LED light units, the "suspended" passenger footpegs and the heat sinks.

MOTO GUZZI V12 LM: This is the Italian sports bike reinvented, true to the legacy of the legend of Le Mans it is named after. This bike is for those who want an exclusive motorcycle to ogle and to own for the utmost riding pleasure. The bike provides excellent performance under all riding conditions and easy rideability for all to enjoy. Like the other two versions, the V12 LM combines luxury details (height adjustment for top fairing and handlebar) with innovative, yet well-proven components.

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