The third of Terblanche's trinity of V12 concepts unveiled at EICMA, the Moto Guzzi V12 Strada concept is a purist's motard, taking cues from classic enduro design and contemporary MX simplicity while keeping the focus on the mechanical details. Two of our favorite mash-ups of old-made-new are the flat-faced, numberplate-style LED headlamp and the MX fuel cap with breather hose. The real star of the machine however is the hollowed sweeping tail. Terblanche's gives a highly sculptural form that looks like it came straight off a starship. Not only did he avoid  being completely cheesy, he made it amazing. Moto Guzzi's press statement calls the V12 Strada a commuter, great for two-up riding. We're not fooled. This is a hoon machine built for the oncoming Apocalypse if ever we saw one. Press statement after the jump.

Update: Piaggio misnamed the concepts on its press site. This concept is called the "X." The "Strada" is the white concept.

Moto Guzzi V12 STRADA: This is the essential bike and the most versatile model in the V12 range. Perfect for everyday commuting, comfortable for two-up riding, with perfect naked ergonomics. The touring-style handlebar is matched by the generously sized tail fairing capable of accommodating a comfortable passenger saddle. The V12 Strada sports a range of technical solutions and aesthetic details built around the Moto Guzzi twin-cylinder engine, that would have been unthinkable with a conventional engine layout. The passenger footpegs are connected to the swingarm through a linkage system and look as if they were floating in air, enhancing that sleek, uncluttered look that is at the core of the styling concept.

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