If you're having a little trouble telling the three Pierre Terblanche/Miguel Galluzzi (the guy responsible for the Monster and RSV4) bikes apart aside from the colors, you're not alone and these live photos don't help. We'll hopefully be able to bring you studio shots soon. Apart from being the white one, the Moto Guzzi V12 X is less of an outright sportsbike than the red Le Mans, but more sporting than the green Strada. That means it's got a comfortable looking seat, but relatively low bars and what Guzzi says is tight suspension and a "rev-happy" engine. Terblanche stated during the unveiling at EICMA, "These are really production bikes - 80% of them could be put in to production, only some details like the headlight have pushed beyond." We can imagine this one with a nice round lamp leading the way.

Update: Piaggio misnamed the concepts on its press site. This concept is called the "Strada." The "X" is the green concept.
Here's Guzzi's baffling official description of the X: this is a "one-of-a-kind" motorcycle, true to the character of the Guzzi twin-cylinder. The focus is on riding fun, and is enhanced by its aggressive design. The V12 X is the motorcycle for aggressive riders that begs to be pushed to the limit. Born to show off and fun to ride, this motorcycle is in a category of its own. Its spirited personality is highlighted by the aggressive riding position, a sports-like chassis set-up, longer suspension travel and a rev happy engine.

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