Remember the experimental Buell 1125R race bike built by Pegasus Race Team? It’s been converted into a two-seat track taxi that their champion rider, Harald Kitsch, uses to show nice young ladies what he does for a living. Riding this two-up, he was only nine seconds a lap slower than his fastest race lap at Oschersleben aboard the EBR 1190RR and on pace with S1000RR-mounted competitors.

The experimental bike that the Crazy Cab is based on was begun last fall shortly after Harley killed Buell. Pegasus wanted to keep racing American superbikes and decided it needed its own program to continue their development. Thus this bike set out to find ways to improve the aerodynamics, lower the weight, alter the weight distribution, tweak the riding position, improve the ergonomics, flow more air to the engine and through the radiators, prevent the front brake from overheating and improve the bike’s crashability. Then it sat idle all season as the team got busy winning the European Sound of Thunder Championship using and 1190RR.

Now, it’s been turned into the Crazy Cab. Most of the modifications between that experimental bike and what you see here were done to comfortably accommodate a passenger. A radically upswept seat unit allows the passenger to see over the rider while variable thickness pads and adjustable footpegs allow the seating position to be tailored for each passenger. As you can see, the steel trellis subframe has been made extremely strong in order to cope with the forces of full acceleration and deceleration at race speeds while carrying the weight of two people. The airbox-mounted hand grips were similarly designed. The rear hugger has also been extended to fully shield the riders feet from the rear tire. To further boost safety, a communication system allows the rider and passenger to talk to one another.

Pegasus also plans to fit a bespoke AST rear shock that will allow them to adjustment to the exact weight of the passenger.

That thing it’s parked in front of? That’s a custom Maserati Gran Turismo making 600bhp and equipped with a carbon fiber body. You don’t want to be a passenger in that either.

Pegasus Race Team

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