Named after the barren northern forest that wraps around the globe from Canada to Siberia, the Ural Taiga 2WD is equipped to survive the harshest winter conditions. More than just a matte green paint job, the Taiga starts with a two-wheel drive Gear-Up and adds survival equipment like a winch, tow points and an auxiliary spot lamp. Although, when the going gets cold, it’ll likely be the huge windshield that you appreciate most.

Starting with it’s BMW R37-based 750cc, 40bhp opposed twin and two-wheel drive chassis, the Taiga adds:

Driver Windshield

Nose rack

Rear fender luggage rack

Engine skid plate

Black Fluid Canister & bracket

Black First Aid Box with 16 pcs survival kit

Hand winch with cover & towing points on the front and rear of the sidecar frame

Black Cordura tonneau & seat cover



While in the trunk (yes, there’s a trunk) you’ll find:

Manual Air pump

Maglite ® Flashlight with IMZ logo

Motorcycle Repair Tool kit

Tow Strap

We spent a couple days tearing around the Cascade Mountains on a 2WD Ural Patrol and Ural ST two-wheeler a while back and found the sidecar to be almost comically tough. Off-road, it has the capability of an ATV while on the road it, well, it also feels like an ATV, just a road-legal one. Grant flipped it into a ditch when he forgot the Ural understeers to the right and oversteers to the left, but the mountain sustained more damage than the bike. With a winch and extra carrying capacity, there should be literally nothing capable of stopping the Taiga and extras like the spot lamp and huge fairing will boost practicality too. What, never spot lighted deer using a sidecar?

Ural only plans to bring 27 of this special edition into America this fall, they're available now.


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