Not much riding today. Just running around Hollywood, 28 miles in all. Still, three days in, I’m starting to adapt to the Zero DS’s miniscule weight and silent operation. I’m liking the bike more the more I ride it, but enjoying the constant questioning less and less.

- I definitely don’t have a future as a Zero spokesperson. During the day, I’m typically distracted by phone calls, work stuff and just generally living inside my own head. I’m also constantly running late, so I really don’t have time to answer the same old questions over and over and over. Yesterday I was nice, today I just kept telling people “There’s a dealer on Fairfax, go talk to them.” Tomorrow I’ll probably just start running people over.

- From 25 to 70mph or so, the DS is a legitimately fast motorcycle. Roll on is sharp and responsive between those two speeds, enabling you to absolutely slice through traffic. The problem is, 0-25mph is slower than most cars. When splitting to the front of a queue, you have to make sure to stop squarely in front of a car to avoid getting stuck between them as they pull away.

- 28 miles today ate two of the 11 energy bars. It’s on the quick charger outside, getting ready for a night’s riding with Ashlee on the CCW Misfit and the East Side Moto Babes now.

Green means go. With no motor sound or vibes and no clutch, it's an important reminder that throttle = acceleration. The clocks are this difficult to read in person too.

- I’m a little worried about that ride. As soon as I wrap up this article, I’m going to head over to Westwood to pick up Ashlee, then head downtown to meet the Babes. They want to do about a 40-minute ride and wrap up at a bar downtown. Depending on where that ride takes us, I may need to cut it short. Well, maybe, or maybe it’s just me being super nervous. I really don’t want to end up pushing.

- Weighing just 341lbs, the DS turns incredibly quickly at low speeds. Took me a little while to get used to it, but just now I was passing cars in turns inside my gym’s multistory car park. This whole electric supermoto thing could get dangerous...

- I've been double checking that the kill switch is off before paddling backwards or pushing the bike around. I guess I can add unintended acceleration to the list of things that I'm paranoid about.

- Said hi to a cyclist in traffic today. I think he was surprised that a motorcycle snuck up behind him completely silently. I was surprised that I could hear him say hi back.

- People love fooling with the Zero while it’s parked in a public place. Since there’s not much to push or fondle, they apparently play with the Sport/Eco button. Thought the bike was surprisingly slow on the way home today until I realized some handsy person had switched into Eco for me. Thanks.

- The kind of people that have been stalking me so far have all been well dressed, decent looking, in shape, 30-ish guys. Ladies, this Zero DS might be your version of a cute puppy.

- Ok, wish me luck...

I'm living with a Zero DS as my only transportation for two weeks, updating you with daily journal-style articles. It's the Life Electric.

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