The year 2015 isn’t that special on the calendar. But one fine day, we just woke up on the right side of the bed and thought, “Hey, let’s track back 10 years to see which motorcycles made us forget about the significant others in our lives.” And that’s how this list was born.

What follows is a list of those two-wheeled temptresses who charmed their way into our hearts and led us to skip a beat or two in the process. In no particular order, we present to you the best-looking…nope…the sexiest motorcycles that graced us with their magnificence from 2004 to 2014.

As always, wear a helmet and drool responsibly.

The 10 Sexiest Motorcycles of the Decade

2012 MV Agusta Rivale 800

Speechless. Not exactly the best choice of word to begin the list, but the MV Agusta Rivale 800 drops your lower jaw instantly. While you're at the task of picking up the missing piece to resume speaking, take a good look at the subject’s styling. The term “visual identity” gains all its meaning with this truly ingenious design.

Indeed it does come packed with a 125bhp motor coupled with MV Agusta’s technical and engineering brilliance. But you don’t want to know any of that do you? You're too busy salivating over its breathtaking lines and curves.

The 10 Sexiest Motorcycles of the Decade

2006 Ducati Desmosedici RR

You won’t be surprised to see the Italian marque pop up again as we move along. But it’s the Desmosedici RR that has to start the proceedings. The street-legal version of the 2006 MotoGP entrant gets all the boxes ticked with its 200bhp, 90-degree V4 engine that propels the rocket to 194mph—all while looking exquisite and achingly beautiful. It’s one of those superbikes you’d make love to.

The 10 Sexiest Motorcycles of the Decade

The 10 Sexiest Motorcycles of the Decade

2014 Yamaha YZF R1

The Japanese know how to make their superbikes look and feel like a force of nature, and the YZF R1 isn’t any different. The signature styling stayed faithful to its roots and yet looks refreshingly new with minor styling tweaks. It has enough technical wizardry on board to prove that this one has got both beauty and brains. Some say it’s a tough combination to find in ladies.

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The 10 Sexiest Motorcycles of the Decade

2009 Aprilia RSV4 Factory

Why? Because it’s an Aprilia and they seldom get designs wrong, and with the RSV4 Factory they took an already gorgeous piece of art and made it better. It’s a race bike masquerading as a road bike and the 180bhp motor is more than eager to show off what it’s capable of. But that doesn’t mean it should compromise on the looks department, and the RSV4 Factory doesn’t. It’s more than happy to let you ogle as it blasts past you on the tarmac… CONTINUE READING

The 10 Sexiest Motorcycles of the Decade

The 10 Sexiest Motorcycles of the Decade

2011 Ducati Diavel

Speak of the devil. The Diavel takes the battle of the modern day cruisers to the V-Rod’s doorstep and knocks the door right off the hinges. Designed under the leadership of Ducati's previous design chief, Pierre Terblanche, the Diavel’s initial concepts came from the racy mind of Glynn Kerr. Even women are falling victim to this bike’s splendor. Oh…and it got itself a part in Chris Pine’s Jack Ryan movie. Too bad the movie didn’t do well. You can’t blame the Ducati for that.

The 10 Sexiest Motorcycles of the Decade

2006 Norton 961 Commando

A true cafe racer in all its glory, the Norton 961 Commando oozes purpose and purity in its form. Its appearance is classic and it brings modern components and engineering to enhance the riding experience of the few who get to lap it up. The 961 Commando is one of those machines you’d like to buy in pairs: one for the track and one for your private museum. And if you don’t own the latter yet, you should seriously consider constructing one. This is indeed art on wheels and among the finest modern day adaptations of a classic brand.

The 10 Sexiest Motorcycles of the Decade

2011 MV Agusta F3 675

If the MV Agusta F4 was the icon that brought the marque back to the map of the superbike world, the F3 is the one that is taking it further into unexplored waters. But more than its potent 675cc inline three cylinder engine and its racing history connections, what caught our eyes were the impeccable styling and, of course, those three exhaust tucked right next to the rear wheel. Sweet. If you intend to cheat on the Desmosedici RR, then this is the lady that you will see yourself flirting with.

The 10 Sexiest Motorcycles of the Decade

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2010 Kawasaki Z1000

The 2010 model of Kawasaki’s Z1000 became the first step in the naked bike’s transformation to the so-sharp-that-it-cuts version. Along with the sharp panels, it also got a bigger engine. The 136bhp unit went well with the revised aggressive looks and the design was retained 'til 2014 when a new version with a more organic styling approach was showcased at the Seattle International Motorcycle Show. Our vote still stays with the sharper predecessor.

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The 10 Sexiest Motorcycles of the Decade

2004 Buell XB Lightning

This is another motorcycle with its frame taking the limelight. (So it isn’t a Ducati thing after all.) The Buell XB Lightning got a major styling boost from that trademark frame which held the Harley Davidson powerplant in place. The XB Lightning series was a fun range of bikes to ride and own thanks to their nimble nature and light weight. Quite a capable streetfighter, the range’s unique minimalist styling found many admirers and takers. Plus, because of its fuel-in-frame feature, it did allow the designers to play around with the looks of the machine.

2009 Ducati Streetfighter

Another Ducati makes the cut and this one seems to frequent the same club where the Incredible Hulk turns up when he has serious anger management issues. We hear that with its sharp styling and ripped look, the Streetfighter does upset the purple trouser-wearing angry green giant quite a lot. Powered by a 165bhp L-Twin engine, it certainly has the brawn to pick a fight. With the trademark Trellis frame, single-sided swingarm and those racy lightweight forged wheels, the package looks sharp too.

The 10 Sexiest Motorcycles of the Decade

So that’s our top 10 and we must've certainly missed your favourite motorbike from this list of the best-looking bikes of the decade.

We’d love to see your list as well. Fill in your 10 favourites in the comments section below.

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