"The goal of the V7 Wayward was to create a bike that could take on the urban commute with appropriate functionality, then break free for fast and light travel, describes James Hammarhead of his latest creation. Based on a Moto Guzzi V7, the Wayward has been lightened, simplified and improved.

The Hammarhead teams spends literally days obsessing over seemingly minute details like frame tabs and wiring and proportion. The work may not pay off with in-your-face features, but it results in incredibly clean bikes that seem to better realize the original purpose of the donor machines.

Custom: Hammarhead Wayward

In the case of Wayward, note how the frame is exposed, highlighting the parallel lines of the diagonal elements. Together with the muscular, forward-emphasis lent by the abbreviated, under-engine exhaust, the bike now exudes performance in way that's still friendly and acceptable. Just like the V7, only more so.

Custom: Hammarhead Wayward

The shape of the tank is also really emphasized by paring it down to the bare steel. A wax finish will keep the elements at bay.

Custom: Hammarhead Wayward

Complete work includes:

- Simplified bodywork – Reduced weight, visually lightening the motorcycle

- Performance – High flow K&N air filters, custom exhaust and remapped fuel injection

- Suspension – Performance fork springs and rear shocks

- Ergonomics – Mid-rise bars and wide footpegs give an upright riding position with plenty of room to move around in the saddle

- Design – Classic 7-inch teardrop headlight shell housing a small speedometer; low profile, high visibility LED turn signals and two-inch round brake light

- Storage – Wax cotton panniers with internal aluminum frame

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