BEWARE: All the crappy drivers are coming out to scare the shit out of you. One such driver already took a shot at a Tigard, Oregon motor-police officer, nearly clotheslining him. The officer is either really skilled or really lucky.

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Watch the video below. Drivers like this piss everyone off—motorcyclists and car drivers alike. This makes me cringe in anger every time I watch it.

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Look at the idiot driver impatiently turn—without signals or regard for safety. I've seen it, you've seen it, we've all seen it before. I call these asshats the "F#@% EVERYONE ELSE, I'LL RISK THE POTENTIAL ACCIDENT TO GET TO MY DESTINATION 30 SECONDS SOONER" drivers. Had the motorcycle been a car, I'm sure it wouldn't have ended the way it did.The idiot in question should've been pulled over and slapped with a reckless driving ticket (I hope this happened.)

This near-crash could've been worse if it weren't for the officer's quick thinking. Thankfully, everyone involved left the incident unscathed (but surely shaken). I'm not sure what happened to the driver, but my guess is that he has an upcoming court dates and missing a big chunk of change due to the hefty fines.

This near-miss brings me to a little message I'd like to share: Please stop driving like idiots and impatient jerks. Riders and other drivers value their lives.

If you're still incensed after watching the video, here's a picture of cat racing a motorcycle to help calm your nerves:

Motorcycle Police Officer Barely Escapes Near-Miss

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Original video and photo: Tigard Police Department via Facebook

Motorcycle Police Officer Barely Escapes Near-Miss
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