In their quest to redefine the sportbike/supermoto equation, Aprilia has completely re-jigged the Dorsoduro for next year. “The result is a bike with advanced technical solutions, agile and with performance at the top of its category. A truly unique bike, achieved not only thanks to Aprilia's skills in packaging particularly efficient chassis architectures combined with high performance powerplants, but also the collaboration with the Aprilia Racing Department, which has earned 54 world titles, 7 of which were claimed in world Supermoto championship.”

Aprilia calls the Dorsoduro a “true thrill generator.” The exclusivity is also due to its original and innovative technical choices, like the mixed steel trellis/aluminum plates frame with excellent handling and tight cornering characteristics. “The 90° V-Twin engine puts a smile on the rider's face every time the throttle is twisted, thanks to new characteristics of maximum torque and power that amplify its personality. The electronic management system includes the Ride-by-wire multi-map accelerator, traction control and ABS.”

In the never-ending search to balance form and function, the Dorsoduro places riding fun at the center of its focus. The superstructures are reduced to the minimum; anything not essential for performance and maximum riding pleasure has been foregone. The technical elements, on the other hand, play a fundamental role, becoming a fundamental part of the design. Aprilia engineers achieved the balance by designing a long and flat saddle, clearly derived from the sports world, capable of ensuring the most effective riding position at all times and allowing plenty of room for longitudinal movement.

Aprilia Dorsoduro Gets a Makeover for 2017

The new 900cc engine was designed for more torque and response at low and medium rpm. For a thrilling riding experience. By increasing the stroke from 56.4mm to 67.4mm and leaving the bore unchanged (92mm), maximum power now peaks at 95.2 hp at 8,750 rpm. More importantly, maximum torque goes from 60.48 lb.-ft. at 4500 rpm on the 750cc to 66.38 lb ft at 6500 rpm. Despite the fact that maximum torque peak for the new 900 is reached at higher rpm, the torque curve is more flat and always higher than the 750.

Electronic engine management is now handled by the new and more powerful Marelli 7SM ECU that communicates with the new full Ride-by-wire electronic accelerator system, completely built into the throttle grip. This system allows even more accurate management of the fuel/air mixture and the injection throttle valve opening based on numerous parameters including engine speed, gearbox position, air flow (in quantity and speed), throttle grip and temperature, with great benefits in terms of smooth riding without opening/closing jerks.

The Sport setting provides an immediate and aggressive throttle response; the Touring logic provides a smoother response, ideal for touring and daily use, whereas the Rain map is ideal in the event of difficult weather conditions or on slippery road surfaces. Dorsoduro 900 introduces a new Aprilia traction control system with sensitivity adjustable to three levels (it can also be disabled) to limit rear wheel spin by acting on ignition and the injection throttle valves.

The Continental two-channel ABS system can also be disabled, with developed calibration that doesn’t diminish the sporting character of the ride. The Dorsoduro also carries the roster of improved electronics featured on the Shiver, as well as the suspension and brake upgrades, and the catalog of accessories.

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