According to, “a set of recently leaked patent images (show that) Kawasaki appears to have started working on its first all-electric road motorcycle.” (Papa points out that this claim is pushing it; patent filings are actually part of the public record, and require no leakage to obtain. –Ed)

This is not the first time Kawasaki's been connected to electric bike rumors. The manufacturer introduced an electric concept bike - the Kawasaki J-Concept – in 2014. According to ndtv, one of the biggest issues Kawasaki was facing before "was the huge heat generated by the silent motors. Now, the company seems to have sorted out its cooling problems for an all-electric motorcycle and is claimed to have developed an engine strong enough to power a small pickup truck."

How small? One wonders.

Meanwhile, the patent images appear to show a large, two-part cooling system for the electric motor. The system apparently uses oil and air cooling – oil to help displace heat from the motor and forced air to push heat away from the batteries.

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