Hey, hey! Look at this! It’s that Video of the Day thing we used to do but then stopped doing because… uhm… reasons! But now it’s back because… uhm… more reasons! And we’ll probably forget about the idea within a week.

But in the meantime here’s a video we found that was produced by the nice folks at Suzuki UK, called: “Andy Torbet’s ‘In Search of Adventure’ – Episode One.”

Apparently Andy Torbet is a famous person in Britain. But RideApart Director Chris Cope says he’s never heard of the person, despite living in the country in self-exile until the Trump Regime falls. Nonetheless, in this video Andy climbs aboard a Suzuki V-Strom 1000 and heads out to find adventure in Britain.

Considering the UK is only about the size of Oregon, while serving as home to roughly 64 million people (more than the populations of Canada and Australia combined), it’s hard to imagine that the archipelago has much to offer in the way of adventure riding, but Andy seems to find a bit of it in what appears to be Scotland. Though he quotes William Blake’s “Jerusalem” – a poem about England – in referring to a “green and pleasant land,” so your guess is as good as ours.

To be honest, there’s not much riding in this video. Instead, there’s a lot of Andy standing near then jumping into a river that looks so cold Andy’s reproductive organs probably pulled up into his body and have not been seen since. But the plus side is that you can’t accuse Suzuki of false advertising.

“I have a V-Strom 1000,” explained Cope. “And I have, indeed, ridden it to Scotland. Multiple times. So, yes, this video is 100-percent truthful in its its suggestion of what a ‘Strom can do.”

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