A report on England’s businesswire.com says the market for motorcycles with semi-automatic transmission is expected to grow 21 percent in the next five years. Based on market research by the firm Technavio, the market segments are based on dual-clutch transmissions and “other transmissions.” The “other” category dominated the market last year with nearly 84 percent of the market share. (The report has no definition of what constitutes "other" transmissions. The reference is apparently to centrifugal clutch drives in scooters.)

“Semi-automatic motorcycles are easier to ride as the riders need not engage the clutch while shifting gears. The adoption of such motorcycles... is increasing in developed regions like North America,” said Siddharth Jaiswal, an automotive research expert from Technavio.

Study: Semi-Automatic Transmission Market Growing


The report says demand for semi-automatic motorcycles is growing due, in part, to the comfort offered to the rider. Also, the report says increased penetration of scooters will "compel individuals in the region to prefer clutchless systems."


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BMW Motorrad is one of the companies stepping into the semi-automatic motorcycle market with things like Gear Shift Assistant Pro as fitment in selected variants. Germany is the prime market for the company, followed by the United States. Ducati, meanwhile, has developed the DQS system for clutchless operation, and has a strong presence in Europe. Italy, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom are the notable markets for the Ducati, with Italy witnessing 53-percent growth in sales during 2015.

Study: Semi-Automatic Transmission Market Growing


“The other factor that is crucial for wide adoption of the clutchless motorcycles in Europe is the preference for two-wheelers instead of a car, due to high traffic and less pollution. People across Europe depend on two-wheelers for their daily commute to and from the workplace,” said Siddharth.

The semi-automatic motorcycle market in the Americas is expected to grow this year by more than 21 percent. The demand in this region is mainly fueled by the demand for ultra-luxury motorcycles. Riders in North America typically buy motorcycles for touring and leisure riding, rather than for daily commute. Semi-automatic motorcycles are comfortable and (arguably) offer the same performance characteristics while touring. The report says steady growth in the motorcycle market in this region will provide growth prospects of the semi-automatic motorcycle market during the forecast period.


The top vendors in the global semi-automatic motorcycles market as highlighted in this market research analysis are Honda, BMW, Yamaha Motor Co., and Ducati.

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