Hi-Tech BMW for Road and Track

First displayed at Milan last year, the BMW HP4 Race is officially in production with only 750 units coming our way. This exotic German beauty will come with a steep price of… Dunno yet. But given the liberal use of carbon fiber, titanium, techno-electronics, broad ergonomic adjustability, top shelf suspension and 215 horsepower, we’re guessing somewhere north of $100,000.

BMW describes it thusly: “With the new HP4 RACE, BMW Motorrad presents a purebred racing bike in a production run of 750. It is individually crafted by a small, highly specialized team, ensuring the very highest level of quality. In terms of engine, electronics and spring elements, the new HP4 RACE is in the same category as current superbike factory racing machines, even surpassing this level in the area of suspension with its carbon fiber frame.”

BMW Limited Edition HP4 Race in Production

What in some quarters might be called hyperbole, is in this case straightforward Teutonic description. This puppy weighs in at 377 pounds. Wet. With carbon fiber frame, wheels and bodywork, titanium exhaust system, Ohlins World Superbike suspension, close-ratio 6-speed gearbox, Brembo GP4 PR monoblock brakes, and max torque of 120 nm at 10,000 rpm (redline is 14,500), the R model appears quite ready to rock ’n roll.

Compared to the standard S 1000 RR, the HP4R gains 15 horsepower, and the track-developed 6-speed transmission shift pattern is reversed (up for first). “With the aim of achieving the best possible performance, a 6‑speed close-ratio racing gearbox is used with optimized transmission ratios and various secondary ratios (diverse pinions and chain sprockets included).” Of course the HP Shift Assistant Pro provides clutchless shifts.

BMW Limited Edition HP4 Race in Production

Given the requisite skills to put this sort of power and lightness to work on road or track means having suspension and brakes that are up to the task. The HP4 R’s Ohlins FGR 300 upside-down fork and the TTX 36 GP shock are used in both World Superbike and MotoGP. The light alloy underslung swingarm made of milled and sheet metal parts is employed in the Superbike World Cup. The Brembo GP4 PR monoblock brake calipers also has parts otherwise only to be found in World Cup machines. Coated titanium pistons and single-piece aluminum calipers with chemically nickel-plated surface are the very best combination of materials currently available. In conjunction with 6.75 mm thick 320 millimeter T-type racing steel brakes, the system ensures stunning brake performance.

The new BMW HP4 Race comes with an extensive package of electronic control and assistance systems as well as a weight-optimized on-board electrical system calibrated to meet racing needs. Wide-ranging set-up options for different track layouts and road surface conditions are provided by the audibly perceptible Dynamic Traction Control controlled by ignition cut, Engine Brake EBR and Wheelie Control. These can be programmed selectively for each gear according to rider preference, allowing optimum use of the enormous riding dynamics potential offered by the new HP4 RACE. Other electronic features are the Pit Lane Limiter for observing speed limits in the pit lane and Launch Control for perfect race starts.

BMW Limited Edition HP4 Race in Production

BMW HP4 Race Highlights:

• Carbon fibre main frame in monocoque construction weighing just 7.8 kilograms.

• Self-supporting carbon fibre rear frame with three-stage height adjustment function.

• Carbon fiber wheels offering a weight reduction of some 30-percent as compared to light alloy forged wheels.

• Öhlins FGR 300 upside-down fork.

• Öhlins TTX 36 GP spring strut.

• Brembo GP4 PR monoblock brake calipers with 320 T-type racing steel brake disks (thickness: 6.75 mm) at the front.

• Racing engine at World Cup level with an output of 158 kW (215 hp) at 13,900 rpm and a maximum torque of 120 Nm at 10,000 rpm.

• Close-ratio racing gearbox with adapted transmission ratios.

• Weight-optimized electrical system featuring light lithium-ion battery with 5 Ah.

• 2D dashboard and 2D data recording including logger.

• Dynamic Traction Control DTC (programmable for selected gears at 15 levels).

• Engine Brake EBR (programmable for selected gears at 15 levels).

• Wheelie Control (programmable for selected gears).

• Launch Control.

• Pit Lane Limiter.

• Light trim parts made of carbon fibre with snap fasteners.

• Paint finish in BMW HP Motorsport colors.

• Production run of 750 units, each individually crafted.

BMW Limited Edition HP4 Race in Production

BMW Limited Edition HP4 Race in Production
BMW Limited Edition HP4 Race in Production
BMW Limited Edition HP4 Race in Production
BMW Limited Edition HP4 Race in Production
BMW Limited Edition HP4 Race in Production

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