Biarritz. The French city’s name evokes images of sunlight sparkling on the rolling waves in the Bay of Biscay, beautiful people in the casinos, bikinis, half-bikinis, motorcycles…

Yes, the popular resort on France’s southwestern coast is the site of June’s sixth edition of Wheels and Waves, joined this year by Indian Motorcycle as an official sponsor. Held at various locations around the city, the annual event combines “art, action, surfing and motorcycling over five days from June 14 through 18.” The festivities include a flat track race, a ride to an art exhibition, a street race called Punks Peak and a weekend ride through the Basque country. Given the normally brilliant summer weather, it all adds up to five days of motorcycling heaven.

Indian Motorcycle Sponsors Biarritz Wheels and Waves

“For us, Wheels and Waves brings together all the elements that are important to Indian Motorcycle and our owners,” says Grant Bester, managing director for the brand in Europe. “Those elements being the flat track racing, the art, the customization, but most of all the sharing of experiences with like-minded owners and riders. We can’t wait to be there and go ride.”

The show is organized by Jérôme Allé, Julien Azé and Vincent Prat. “This sixth edition of Wheels and Waves is almost here,” Prat said. “We spend all year thinking about this event and re-work it to always give surprises to the attendees. For this year, we are proud to host Indian Motorcycle as the main sponsor. Indian will race in the El Rollo flat-track and Punks Peak. We hope to offer an amazing show over the five days.”

Indian Motorcycle Sponsors Biarritz Wheels and Waves

Daily Wheels and Waves Events include:

– A village of tents and stands near Ocean City in Biarritz

– Surfing contests depending on weather conditions

– Skateboarding sessions

– Concerts (Moon Duo, Tom Curren, Elliott Murphy, Rocco Deluca, Ryder the Eagle and more)

– Screening of films and documentaries on motorcycle and surfing

Indian Motorcycle Sponsors Biarritz Wheels and Waves

Special events include rides back and forth across the border into Spain. On Wednesday it’s Flat Track racing at the El Rollo hippodrome.Thursday is the Art Ride to the ARTRIDE III exhibition at Casa Ciriza in Spain. The Punks Peak race is held Friday on the mountain road between San Sebastian and the airport. Saturday it’s The Ride through Basque country, and Sunday is

the day of recovery to kick back on the beach or…

Ticket pre-sales are €30 for a 5-day pass and includes:

– access to the village Cité de l’ocean, Biarritz

– access to the exhibition Artride III

– visitor access to the Flat Track El Rollo

– visitor access to the Punks Peak race

Registration for the festival is now open on

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