New model teaser videos got pretty popular this year, likely because they serve manufacturers as a quick and inexpensive way to grab consumer interest. Yamaha hasn’t overlooked the benefits of using their own website and social media outlets to get out the advance pitch on new models. Their latest 31-second clip invites viewers to “step into the victorYZone” for a shadowy glimpse of a new motocross model for the wee folk.

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The scene opens with a wide shot of a dimly-lighted shop. We see what is, presumably, dad’s fancy new YZ-450F parked there in the shadows. In the foreground, obscured by the shadows, sits what we may also assume is junior’s new motocross bike. The camera pans to the brightly-lit workbench where Dad is patiently showing Junior how to apply the numbers on the plate for his new ride.

And what could that new machine possibly be? Can the number 65 be some sort of hint? You think?

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“With the addition of this exciting new motorcycle, riders of nearly all ages will be able to join the bLU cRU,” said Yamaha Motorcycle Product Line Manager, Derek Brooks. “This all new bike builds on Yamaha’s renowned history of performance and durability, helping young riders step onto the top of the podium and into the victorYZone”.

Yamaha says that now everyone can join the bLUcRU, with a “strong history of superior performance and durability that rewards your hard work and dedication—helping you become one with your machine and putting you on top of the podium. Step into the victorYZone this coming February.”

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Yamaha does indeed have an admirable record in motocross, and a strong lineup for next year with both the YZ450 and 250F four strokes and 250 and 125 two-strokes. What they haven’t had is a zoot-deluxe 65cc two-stroke to compete with KTM and Kawasaki, but it looks like that may change in February.

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