Prince William headed to the Isle of Man to enjoy a weekend at the races. While there, he told a government official that Princess Kate hates bikes.

(Editor's Note - It's come to our attention that our word choice in this story was, by accident we assure you, in poor taste. We're sorry about that, and the phrasing has been changed. - JM)

It's a well known trope among riders that our partners often hate the fact that we ride. Whether due to worry or safety or just plain not getting it, many riders have, shall we say, unsupportive loved ones. Apparently not even a hereditary title can protect a rider from motorcycle-related spousal side-eye, as Prince William recently learned.

Along with being a helicopter pilot and general sports fanatic, Prince William is a known gearhead with an affinity for eye-wateringly fast Italian iron (he apparently rolls at least one high-caliber Ducati). He also appreciates a good motorsport contest, which is what led The Duke to bunk off to the Isle of Man for parts of the 2018 race. While he was there he took in some races—including the final stages of the TT Supersport Race 2—met with officials, dignitaries, support staff, and volunteers, and generally enjoyed some phenomenal racing.

The Duke of Cambridge takes in some racing at the Isle of Man TT.

The Duke of Cambridge takes in some racing at the Isle of Man TT.

While he was out there, the island's government minister for enterprise Laurence Skelly asked the prince what Princess Kate thought about all this motorcycle nonsense.

"When I said I was going to the Isle of Man for an official visit she said, ‘Really?’" Prince William responded. Apparently the Duchess isn't too keen on motorcycles and responded like many spouses do when their partners try play off something fun they want to do as being "for work".

Hopefully the prince can stay on his wife's good side with his love of motorbikes. Otherwise he might come home from one of his "work trips" to find that his stable of bikes has been donated to some needy gearheads or something.

Motorsport Network reporters Paul Moulton and Merita Taylor provide a behind the scenes look at the Isle of Man TT as Prince William arrives:

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