Thieves go to great lengths to steal desirable motorcycles whether they're parked on the street, in a parking structure, or in a residential garage. While many riders resort to alarmed disc locks or heavy-duty chain locks to abate such risks, those security devices provide no recourse once the deed is done. That’s where MoniMoto’s smart GPS tracker gives motorcyclists the chance to retrieve their beloved bikes.

The latest model – the MoniMoto 7 – takes efficiency and accuracy to a whole new level. Featuring LTE-M connectivity, the next-generation tracker boasts much better battery life than before. More power-efficient than standard LTE and 3G, LTE-M can as much as triple the previous-generation tracker’s already impressive one-year battery life depending on your usage patterns. Of course, thieves don’t operate according to a schedule, but motorcyclists can count on the MoniMoto 7 if the worst does occur.

Buy the Monimoto 7 tracker for just $199 today.

LTE-M isn’t just more efficient, though. The innovative technology also delivers broader coverage and provides faster responsiveness. The signal penetrates even low coverage areas such as underground parking structures or remote locations. So when your bike is stored where most GPS and other communication networks fail, MoniMoto 7 better ensures the user can receive updates.

Despite championing the latest technology, the new tracker maintains a simple and user-friendly operation. The MoniMoto 7’s re-engineered form factor also allows the rider to tuck the device into the narrowest spaces. Whether the user hides the tracker under the motorcycle’s seat or behind bodywork, the 3.7-inch by 2.4-inch by .7-inch device evades detection by unwitting thieves.

Once the tracker is safely stowed away, the MoniMoto app receives regular messages from the concealed device. If the tracker detects movement without the accompanying key fob nearby, the user also receives prompt notifications. However, the latest updates make the system even more accurate and reliable while the new eSIM chip eases mobile carrier transitions when crossing international borders.

Even with the LTE-M upgrade and updated design, the Monimoto 7 GPS tracker still retails for $199 with a $49/year SIM card subscription. What an affordable price to pay to thwart thieves going to the greatest lengths to steal your treasured motorcycle.

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