People buy motorcycles for any number of reasons. If you’re reading this, it’s most likely because you either ride or plan to ride at some point—but sometimes, people just want the sight of a bike filling their vision. That’s particularly true with older, rarer machines, and it certainly appears to have been the case with this 1955 Maserati Tipo 160/T4. According to the selling dealer, it’s been sitting in seller’s home, admired but unridden, since 1995. 

Built by Italmoto and sold under the Maserati brand, it features a 158cc, four-stroke, single that produced a claimed 7.5 horsepower when new. It has a four-speed transmission, a kickstarter on the left, a shifter on the right, and is chain-driven. It also has zero gauges of any kind, and total mileage before its 25-year slumber in someone’s living room is unknown.  

That said, it’s definitely beautiful to look at, and there are certainly worse sculptures you could have on display. It’s a lovely shade of red, including the frame, fork covers, and even the center stand. There’s even a neat little locking storage compartment on the right side of the bike, which you can see in the photos. It also has a funky tri-tip exhaust you can see in the photos as well. Whether it’s an intentional echo of the Maserati trident is unclear, but the central point is a bit taller than the two on either side. 

Gallery: 1955 Maserati Tipo 160/T4

It’s currently located in North Salem, New York, and is being sold on consignment by a dealer. Bidding is up to $3,000 at the time of writing, and this auction ends on Monday, September 28, 2020. If you’re looking for a beautiful display bike—or possibly your next restoration challenge if you’re into mid-1950s Italian single-cylinders—this could be the bike for you. 

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