Are you looking for a sidecar rig that will really stand out, even at a sidecar meet? In that case, you might just be looking for this 1937 Moto Guzzi GTS 500, which features an older restoration and comes complete with sidecarIt’s about to cross the auction block at Mecum’s Indy 2020 event, scheduled to take place from July 10 through 18, 2020. This is lot L60, which means it’ll go on July 12, so get ready if you want it. 

The seller says that they purchased it from a private collection in the Chicago area over 20 years ago, and frequently rides it to Chicago-area meets to this day. Only around 2,652 GTS 500s were ever built, and it’s unclear how many still survive today. This features Guzzi’s flat single 500cc engine with “external bacon-slicer flywheel,” and if there was ever a more colorful description of a flywheel, I haven’t seen it. 

The engine made a claimed 13.2 horsepower when new, and had a tested top speed of 65mph. It’s unclear if this top speed was attained with or without a sidecar, though I’m guessing without. Speaking of the sidecar, the seller doesn’t really offer details about it. I’m no sidecar expert, so I consulted the venerable Museo del Sidecar in an attempt to see what I could find.  

Gallery: 1937 Moto Guzzi GTS 500 with sidecar

Although this page does list several vintage Longhi and reproduction sidecar models, the photos are all quite small and low-resolution. I couldn’t find an obvious match in the Museo’s records, but it’s entirely possible that it’s there, only difficult to discern due to the low image quality. In any case, it looks like a beautiful, honest pre-war classic. One that’s spent the majority of its life riding, as any good bike should doThe phrase “can’t say fairer than that” comes to mind, and feels as though it fits just as well as that sidecar fits this GTS 500. 

Sources: MecumMuseo del Sidecar 

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