Highway safety in the U.S. is crucial for riders and drivers alike. As riders, though, we probably feel like we have a lot more at stake when crashes occur. That’s why it’s so important that at the 2020 Lifesavers National Conference on Highway Safety Priorities, the Motorcycle Safety Foundation is giving an awareness-raising presentation. 

The 2020 annual Lifesavers conference takes place in Tampa, Florida, from March 15 through 17. If you’d like to attend, you can find out more information here. Like most conferences, it consists of various sessions with experts in the field, and is a great place to meet and discuss highway safety topics to make all our roads and road users safer.

MSF training systems vice president Dr. Ray Ochs will be giving a presentation about how the MSF helps students hone their perceptual skills, and emphasizes prioritizing safety both as riders and as drivers on our roads. 

“After the classroom portion of the course, many students tell our RiderCoaches that it has immediately changed the way they ride and drive,” Ochs said. “Students learn through fun, timed activities how quickly their eyes and minds can work if safety is a conscious priority. It helps them realize the importance of always searching for hazards and staying alert. Other activities have students discussing choices they make to avoid dangerous distractions or other risky behavior.”

“While MSF classes also teach proper, safe motorcycle operation with maneuvering, turning, and stopping exercises, hallmarks of MSF curricula are the learner-centered methods that help students understand that being a safe rider or driver is a choice, a choice they must constantly make while on the road,” Ochs said.

As just about anyone who’s taken an MSF course can tell you, that’s the key—these attention-focusing exercises don’t just improve your motorcycle skills, but all your road use skills. If all of us road users could be just a little more observant than we are, we would probably see crash rates drop significantly.  

Source: MSF

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