We motorcyclists know that we engage in a relatively dangerous sport. We do what we can to mitigate the risks that come along with riding, but sometimes the worst can happen.

MedicAlert has joined forces with an organization called Biker Down in the UK, to offer tags for motorcycle helmets that hold vital medical information. The tags are offered gratis there, if you are a UK resident and sign up on the MedicAlert (co.uk) site.These sticky tags contain a small form that you fill out with your medical and emergency contact information, so that if the worst does happen, and you are not conscious, the first people on scene will know what to do for you, and whom to contact on your behalf.

In the United States, you can get one (or a bunch) of these similar helmet information tags from a company that calls them the “Medical Information Carrier” at this site. If you belong to a club, or run motorcycle events, you can get a large batch of the tags at a discount. Lots of Goldwing and HOG chapters supply these tags for their members, so it might be worth checking with your local club if you are a member there.

These tags are especially important if you or someone you love has a medical condition that a first responder at any kind of incident will need to know about. If a motorcyclist you love wears a piece of medical alert jewelry, one of these tags would be a great gift for them. Jewelry can be well hidden underneath motorcycle riding gear, but a tag stuck to a helmet is always conspicuous even if the rider is underneath a rain suit.

Motorcycle Helmet Medical Info Carrier Contents

Biker Down is a motorcycle accident training course offered throughout the UK. It provides free training “by bikers for bikers” to help motorcyclists avoid being involved in a crash in the first place, and also training on what to do if they are first on-scene at some other motorcyclist’s very unlucky day.

The course covers accident scene management, some general first-responder style casualty care, and some training on conspicuity: how to make yourself seen on the road, and help you to avoid becoming a statistic.

We encourage all of our readers to seek out these classes, no matter where you live. They exist all over the globe; one of our own writers attended one not too long ago. Do, also, seek out first aid training to supplement your rider training. Because we are out on the road so much, chances are we’re going to come across an accident sooner or later; will you know what to do when you do? Your chance to be a super hero may come along when you least expect it, and luck favors the prepared.

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