A friendly and caring reminder from your buddies at RideApart.

This is a weekend of celebration, relaxation, and remembrance. The Memorial Day long weekend is a great occasion to hit the road and enjoy a small part of the country men and women worked so hard to protect. Maybe you will take the opportunity to join in the last Rolling Thunder ride? Wherever you’re heading on two or four wheels, here’s a little friendly PSA.

This weekend of celebration has a solemn underlying theme to it: remembering the fallen. Everyone will celebrate the long weekend their own way and many of us will jump in the saddle and enjoy a ride, either on our own or with a group. A number of motorcycle cavalcades are scheduled to hit the road throughout the weekend.

People will also be traveling to spend time with family or enjoy the long weekend. More people on the roads, higher risks of an incident. Same goes with gatherings in parks and social spots—more people will be taking to the streets. Lower your speed and be extra aware of your surroundings.

If you’re not an active advocate of the ATGATT concept, considering there might be a bit more of a party ambiance in your area, consider throwing on a little extra gera, just to be responsible for two in case someone else isn’t. This isn’t so much about freedom than it is about safety. May is also the Motorcycle Safety Awareness month so a little extra care doesn’t hurt. You wouldn’t want to put a damper on your downtime because of an injury.

We’re putting our mom hats on and also remind you not to drink and ride (or smoke and ride if you live where happy grass is legal). Enjoy the time with friends and family, enjoy your ride, but do so safely! Have a great long weekend and be safe.

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