You ask, the community answers. It's Ask Rideapart. This week: What are the best affordable lightweight motorcycle gloves?

This question comes to us by reader Jason Channell, who asks: "What are the best lighweight motorcycle gloves under $35?"

Both RideApart and CycleWorld responded with options a little over $100. Us with the $119 REV'IT! Sand Pro and CW with the $175 Kushitani Air GPS.

Jason didn't balk at the price, saying, "I once wore a pair of $35 gloves that felt like a pair of $35."

So, let's rephrase the question into three price tiers. What are the best lightweight gloves south of $50, from $50-100 and price-no-object.

RideApart? We'd just spend up to the $116 Racer Mickeys, which feature significant, abrasion-resistant SuperFabric impact protectors/sliders for both the knuckles and palm, elevating their level of protection way beyond that of most short cuff gloves. Add to that the fact that these things fit the human hand almost unbelievably well and you just have a winner.

If we only had $50 to $100, we'd opt for the Alpinestars Thunders, which slack a little on the abrasion protection, but excel in impact attenuation while offering excellent ventilation. Less than $50? Well, the Firstgear Mesh-Tex Gloves have both knuckle protectors and leather palms, but they're pretty cheap and nasty. We'd spend more money since we're partial to our hands.

Which lightweight gloves would you recommend to Jason at each price point?

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