The bad kind of drifting.

There are a ton of motorcycle videos on YouTube, some worth watching some not, but every so often one comes along that makes you take stock of why you ride a bike and the potential dangers you face every time you swing a leg over your motorcycle.

Posted this past week on YouTube by someone called Mel P is an excellent video entitled ‘Watch Out for Motorcyclists Stay In Your Lane’. It doesn’t say where it was filmed but it does show what happens when a group of five kids get into a car and drive recklessly.

Mel P and his friends are on their bikes and eventually catch up with the teenage driver and get him to pull over to explain to him how by driving in the opposite lane he is putting himself, his friends and other people in very serious danger.

It seems from the video that Mel P gets his message across although it was a little reminiscent of the New York saga of last year where a group of motorcyclists confronted a Range Rover driver. The kids in the car were definitely wary of the motorcyclists and say nothing while Mel P makes some very good points to the young driver about his driving.

Ironically there is a twist in the video towards the end. For some totally inexplicable reason – and we assume on the same stretch of road—Mel P is confronted by a motorcycle in his lane coming straight towards him with pretty devastating results.

The footage is well worth a watch as it presents some strong evidence of the risks that we as motorcyclists face every time we start our bikes up and ride.