Kawasaki’s Z900RS Cafe has been a bonafide jaw-dropper since its EICMA 2017 unveiling. Whether coated in Kawi’s signature lime green or draped in the brand’s neo-retro Pearl Storm Gray, the model has married Team Green’s storied past with its performance-based present.

Despite those eye-catching liveries, the 2022 Z900RS Cafe opted for a more subdued route. Available in a Metallic Diablo Black paint base, subtle gray graphics and a brown seat barely highlighted the model’s vintage-influenced styling. It seems like the bubble-faired Z will return to its flashy ways in 2023, though.

Gallery: 2023 Kawasaki Z900RS Cafe

Announced for the Japanese market, the 2023 Z900RS Cafe will remain mechanically identical to its predecessor. That means Kawi fans can expect the same 948cc inline-four engine to yield 109.5 horsepower at 8,500 rpm and 72.3 foot-pounds of torque at 6,500 rpm. That four-banger still resides in its high-tensile steel trellis frame while a fully-adjustable USD front end and a horizontal back-link shock suspend the fashionable throwback.

The 32.3-inch seat height keeps the Cafe trim accessible to a wide range of riders yet the 25-degree rake maintains its sporty handling. Team Green even holds onto the model’s aesthetically-pleasing bodywork and stepped seat, but the firm adds a pop of color for extra curb appeal.

The 2023 rendition remains in Kawasaki’s Metallic Diablo Black base coat. Now, gold pinstriping on the headlight cowl, gas tank, and tail section lives up to the Z900RS Cafe's history of striking paint jobs. A gold Kawasaki badge on the fuel tank and gold rim tape only enhance that head-turning effect.

While Kawi has only officially announced the Japanese market thus far, a simple search engine inquiry ("2023 Kawasaki Z900RS Cafe") reveals a page for the North American model. Users can’t navigate to the landing page via Kawasaki’s website just yet, but it’s certainly accessible with a quick Google search (link below).

As expected, the 2023 model comes with a $200 markup (over the 2022 model) at $12,399. However, the stunning black and gold color scheme may well justify that modest price hike for many Z900RS Cafe customers.

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