Germany-based Wunderlich International has specialized in BMW accessories since 1991. The company started offering its aftermarket parts in the States in 2000 before establishing Wunderlich America in 2008. Despite no formal partnership with BMW, Wunderlich’s catalog features highly refined bolt-on components that stand up to the House of Munich’s famous design and build quality.

Wunderlich proved as much with its BMW R 18 range, producing parts that align with the cruiser’s throwback aesthetic while also amplifying its touring capabilities. However, a new teaser trailer reveals that Wunderlich is working on a new R 18 concept that brings more vintage style to the table. Released on the brand’s Facebook page, the new 17-second preserves the project’s secrecy with several close-up shots of the build.

With 16 shots flashing across the screen in less than 13 seconds, it’s challenging to pick out the details, but a few R 18 accessories do stand out. For instance, the leather-stitched spring seat catches the eye first. That solo saddle allows Wunderlich to remove the stock rear mudguard and replace it with a swingarm-mounted unit resembling old strut-mounted fenders.

An insert shot of mini floorboards hints at a new functional upgrade while bar-end mirrors further streamline the build. Of course, the final shot gives us a glimpse at the matte-black base paint, and several other clips reveal gloss black pinstripes. Together, the upcoming custom turns the big-bore boxer into a Bavarian bobber, a far departure from Wunderlich’s current R 18 accessories lineup.


The brand’s catalog increases the cruiser’s touring ambitions with engine crash bars, tank pads, backrests, and a fairing. The video indicates that Wunderlich’s R 18 offerings could expand to cosmetic upgrades in the near future. We’ll know for sure when Wunderlich officially unveils it R 18 custom concept on the company’s YouTube channel on July 10, 2021.

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