It seems like every time a Crocker comes up for auction, anyone even vaguely interested in historic motorcycles holds their breath. Even for non-fans, particularly well-restored examples are singularly arresting works of art. Take, for example, this 1940 Crocker Big Twin that’s about to cross the block at the 2021 Mecum Las Vegas auction at the end of April.  

According to Mecum’s records, the official Crocker Registry refers to this bike as “Dale’s Burnout Special.” That’s not just any random Dale, either. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this bike was once part of Dale Walksler’s collection—the same guy behind the Wheels Through Time Museum in Maggie Valley, North Carolina. For those unfamiliar, one of the major points that museum works hard to address is that everything on display runs—including this extremely rare American beauty. 

Did he do burnouts with it? As you can see in the video, the answer is most definitely yes. I mean, a museum needs exhibits, and there’s nothing like seeing a piece of history come to life and exciting all your senses at once, right?  

1940 Crocker Big Twin - Front Left Side Angle
1940 Crocker Big Twin - Left Side Engine

Ah, but don’t worry. As you can also see in the photos, it’s had an exquisite and extensive restoration, which Mecum also says is “recent.” The auction house doesn’t list any further details about the restoration, such as who performed it or what it entailed. Seriously interested parties will undoubtedly ask plenty of detailed questions prior to bidding, we’d imagine.  

Gallery: 1940 Crocker Big Twin "Dale's Burnout Special"

The bike will be sold on a bill of sale. If sold to a Nevada dealer or resident, Mecum stipulates that it will also be sold “for display purposes only, and not for highway or public road use.” In other words, if you want to bake up any of your own smoky Crocker burnouts, you’ll have to stay on your own property to do so. Keep that in mind when you’re updating the ventilation system at your place between now and May 2021—you know, just in case.


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