It’s hard to believe that Icon’s popular Airframe helmet has been around since 2008 and to mark the occasion the Portland-based company has just launched the Statistic version with a very distinctive safety message.

At first glance, the Statistic looks like it’s just covered in random numbers, but Icon says it has taken information from the comprehensive 1981 Hurt Report – a five year long study into U.S. motorcycle crashes – and marked on the Statistic areas where a rider’s helmet is most likely to be hit in the event of an accident.

Icon’s representative said: “The Hurt report really showed how important it is to wear a full face helmet when riding a motorcycle. More than 40% of impacts happen at the front of a helmet, particularly around the face and the jaw area.

“At Icon, we only make full face helmets, and the reasons why are emblazoned on this new graphic on the Airframe Statistic.”

Icon Airframe Statistic

This is not the first time that Icon has produced this style of helmet and while the safety message is pretty clear (to those that know) it does seem an odd thing to ride around with a lot of numbers on your helmet.

“The previous version we did using these numbers proved to be very popular,” added Gustafson. “It's a statement we stand by and we think with the Statistic we’re making a unique talking point by debuting this new color way.”

The Airframe has a loyal following amongst those who ride with one. It features a fiberglass/dyneema (a high torsional strength polythene) /carbon fiber shell, has multiple vents, a Prolock locking visor and a rear spoiler designed to reduce head buffeting.

Icon says the Airframe Statistic is available now, in sizes from XS to 3XX and is priced at $390.

Would you wear a helmet with this type of design?

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