A man dressed in a “ninja” outfit has been spotted lurking around children’s hare scramble races in Virginia this summer, in some instances positioning himself on the course itself, seemingly in an attempt to get the bikes to run over him. Now, a helmet-mounted GoPro has captured him emerging from a hiding place underneath leaves on a track just seconds before the rider runs into him. The “ninja” then flees, clearly in pain. WTF?

Members of the Virginia Championship Hare Scrambles Series report encountering the Ninja in various guises around Ruckersville and Reddy Hole. He’s dressed all in black, including a black balaclava and black New Balance Running Shoes. This video isn’t the first time he’s hidden in such a way that an accident is virtually guarunteed, he was spotted hiding on the blind side of jumps before discovering the hiding-under-leaves method of concealment.


The slow-mo take at the end of this video is particularly revealing. Two 150cc dirt bikes can be seen running over his hiding place before he pops out of the leaves and is hit by the third bike. Yes, he really was hiding under a pile of leaves smack in the middle of a scrambles course.

Because this is taking place at children’s races, which include not only the young participants, but also their families and at races that are spread over miles-long courses in isolated woods, this man’s behavior is obviously raising concerns among parents. Over at VCHSS, speculation as to his motives runs from getting off on sereptuitously observing children to getting off on being run over by children on dirt bikes to just generally being a crazy person. Loose plans are being made to search for him at future races in something forum members are quick to point out, “isn’t a lynch mob.”

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