Batman? Serious issues relating to the opposite sex. Iron Man? Definitely for losers with patriarchal baggage. Univeral Design's Limited Edition Sam Flynn Cycle suit? Fucking awesome. Like UD's two previous suits, the Tron Cycle suit is fully functional and fitted with CE-certifed armor. But instead of being ridiculous like the others, the Tron motorcycle suit is almost as sleek as the film version, which means it's entirely black, loaded with tastefully placed reflective safety piping and therefor begs a very important question: Why can't the traditional makers of motorcycle safety gear make suits less Power Ranger and more Light Cycle?

That we're having to ask such a question is depressing. Look at the Tron suit and count how many blatant logos are visible in all the shots. Be sure to also look for whacky patterns that are highlighted by bold colors. I counted zero. Now go try that trick with any fully-armored premium motorcycle suit maker. Sure, the others are probably better made, but look at it this way. If I needed a new set of gear and only had the $995 it takes to purchase the Tron Cycle suit, gloves and boots, why would I want to purchase a similar set from any of the usual makers that forced me to have at least 20 of their logos plastered all over my body? That's not exaggerating, either. If you've bought gear in the past 3 years, then go to your closet, pull out the gloves, the suit and the boots and tally up how many company logos are on visible on the exterior. Shocking, right?

The bad news here is that Universal Designs has limited the production run to 1000, but the upside is that sizing starts at XXS for women.

Universal Designs

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