UPDATE: Kurt Walter, the Icon Design Director, has this to say — ""Fierce as a zebra, fast as a cat". That was original livery pitch we presented to Brammo for the 2013 TTXGP series. Much like our original 2012 Stack livery proposal, they were moderately horrified. Of course the pith helmets and full khaki Jumanji outfits we were wearing during our meeting may have played into Brammos initial queasiness with the idea. Eventually they realized we were actually serious about the zebra and leopard theme and gave us the non-verbal signs of furrowed brow and crossed arms that the ICON marketing team has come to recognize as glowing approval of our questionable tastes. Tally-ho, the hunt was on.

As with the 2012 campaign, the ICON involvement with the Brammo race team is an all-encompassing affair. We design the entire livery, build the suits, paint the helmets, and outfit the entire pit crew with gear. Generally ICON doesn't play well with others, but Brammo provides us with a great amount of creative freedom, and in turn we go all out to make sure they have they most avant-garde livery on the track.

The leopard print will be run by Steve Atlas and is my personal favorite of the two designs. We call this livery 'Sauvetage' which is the French term for 'rescue' often emblazoned on the side of French Mirage fighter aircraft. Following the aircraft theme, the leopard print itself is derived from the camouflage used by the Afrika Korps Luftwaffe aircraft during WWII, albeit in floored instead of desert tan. The inclusion of the shark mouth ensures that we have ample America clues on board the bike to balance the aforementioned French and German influence.

Eric Bostrom will be fielding the 'Big Game' Livery. The black/white/chartreuse colorway is a direct evolution of the 2012 ICON/Brammo Stack livery which was equally lauded and vilified by serious racers on serious racer forums. Alas the zebra print doesn't share the obtuse aircraft back story of the Sauvetage. Big Game is more of a general straightforward racing animal graphic with subliminal elements which prevent this livery from being televised in Saudi Arabia or Qatar. In addition, Eboz will also be running his own signature edition ICON Airmada helmet for the 2013 TTXGP series. We will producing this exact same helmet for sale starting in June.

Interestingly enough, Eric actually raised zebras in the wild for a number of years before signing on with the ICON/Brammo team which brings some relevance to the Big Game livery."

UPDATE: Brian Wismann, the Director of Product Development at Brammo, e-mailed us with quote and here's what he had to say — "Brammo was extremely surprised and impressed with what the Icon creative team cooked up for us last season by translating their “stack” graphic into a really fresh, cohesive race bike livery. When Kurt suggested we go for animal themed prints for this season, I had to ignore my gut reaction and trust that he was going to be able to make it work. We could’ve gone with something safe and “sporty,” but we wanted to continue to push the envelope and bring a fresh look to a new genre of racing motorcycles. We knew it was either going to score a 0 or a 10, and in my opinion, it’s turned out as a perfect 10. There’s certainly not going to be another bike or rider out on track that looks like ours, which was the goal all along."

For 2013, Team ICON will using Brammo electric motorcycles in FIM sanctioned race series. "As reigning World Champions Team ICON Brammo is looking forward to being back on top of the podium, and doing so with new motorcycles and new livery for both the bikes and the riders."

"Brian Wismann, Director of Product Development for Brammo said; “The Brammo racing team is stoked to be working with Icon again this season as a primary sponsor for the Empulse RR bikes that will be campaigned by Eric Bostrom and Steve Atlas in the FIM/TTXGP electric motorcycle racing series and in the AFM race series. Icon was a great partner in 2012 and their willingness to “push the limits” in design, aesthetics, and functionality of the gear they develop has made them a perfect fit for Brammo and the pioneering spirit of driving EV technology forward on the racetrack. We got a ton of positive feedback on the “Stack” graphic that debuted on Steve’s World Championship winning Empulse RR in 2012, and can’t wait to see what people think of the 2013 Zebra and Cheetah!"

The 2013 Team ICON Brammo Race Bikes
The "Sauvetage" ridden by Steve Atlas.

Team Icon has gone with electric racing because "technologically, you free from the constraints placed upon their gas counterparts. Because of this, season by season, new technology, forms and advancements are being made that have a direct correlation to the evolution of electric motorcycles. The other advantage is culturally. Unbound from the corporate and entrenched culture of traditional racing, teams are free to experiment with different designs, patterns and attitudes."

The 2013 Team ICON Brammo Race Bikes
The "Big Game" ridden by Eric Bostrom.

For 2013, there have been changes in the ICON Brammo race lineup — Steve Atlas, a two-time champion, returns to defend his title and the ICON Brammo team has signed Eric Bostrom who has a well of racing experience himself.

The bikes have been altered for the 2013 season — they now have revised fairings and an increase in power and battery capacity. Eric Bostrom rides the white and zebra striped "Big Game" bike and Steve Atlas rides the neon orange "Sauvetage" livery.

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