A crashed, repaired, road-legal 2005 Yamaha R1 has unofficially set a new lap record of the Nurburgring. Lapping in 7 minutes, 10 seconds, Andy Carlile bested the previous record by a full 20 seconds. Andy’s R1 is completely street legal, down to the tires, mirrors, license plate and headlight and uses a completely stock motor.

Photo: Frozenspeed

“It's not a highly modified cheque-book special, it's not an ex-factory race bike,” Andy told Nurburgring fan site Bridge To Gantry. “It's just a carefully developed 2005 Yamaha YZF-R1. Bought crash damaged for £4000 back in 2007, because the faithful, mercilessly thrashed ZX-6R was just too slow.”

Modifying his R1 to be a ring special, Andy focused primarily on making the ergonomics more comfortable for the 14-mile laps. Then replaced the shock with a higher quality aftermarket item, revalving and respringing the forks to suit. The most expensive modification is the fitment of lightweight BST carbon wheels. Andy runs street-legal Dunlop track day tires.

Andy works as an instructor and in various other functions at the ‘Ring and has completed, by his own estimation, thousands of laps in the five years he’s lived there.

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