Know what's awesome? Being able to carry virtually anything with you on a bike, totally securely and comfortably inside a Kriega backpack. Know what's less than awesome? Carrying hard, oddly shaped objects against your back, they can cause huge damage in a crash. Now, Kriega is offering a slim CE2 back protector that'll slip inside any of its backpacks, adding much-needed protection.

A lot of you probably already wear a back protector either inside a pocket in your jacket or strapped on separately underneath. If you do, you're fine. What this Kriega thingy does is make wearing race-level CE2 protection super easy and convenient. Throw your backpack on and with it comes that protection.

That protector was developed by Forcefield specifically for Kriega packs. At 3/4 of an inch thick, it's sized specifically to slide into the pre-existing sleeve in all of them. The Small fits the R15 and R20, the Medium fits the R20, R25 and R35. There's one on the way to go in my R35, I'll let you know how it works.

Of the protector's construction, Kriega states, "The M15 formula gives a shock absorbtion material with outstanding performance characteristics. It's light, elastic, it has slow recovery and is robust. The ideal impact absorbing material is one that on impact compresses to a degree but then slowly returns to its orginal shape and size. So the better the material the longer this moment is delayed. M15 slows the moment of peak transmited force and spreads the damaging forces over the whole surface which means that the material is used to its maximum. Combination of M15 and multi-layer construction results in a system that is both lightweight and flexible." In short, it's relatively thick, flexible memory foam.

Kriega's not the first company to put a back protector in a backpack. It is the first to put one in a backpack that shifts the load off your shoulders, freeing your arms to control the bike and facilitating long-range comfort, even while carrying heavy loads. Add a back protector and you've got a convenient, comfortable, easy way to carry stuff around with you in safety.

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