Have you ever gone into a corner on a bike the size of your torso? How about gently tapping the brakes and finding yourself quickly eating pavement as you fly over the handlebars? (Don’t worry, the bike is only 20” tall and you’re going maybe 15mph.) You’ll be fine and I guarantee you’ll love it. What am I talking about? I’m talking about Minimoto USA. Ok, so you don't have Marc Marquez's talent and maybe you haven’t raced a day in your life. No worries, Minimoto is a sport for everyone—and I do mean everyone. I’ve seen kids 4 year-olds stuffing 40 year-olds in a corner.  It’s really an event for the entire family.

Everyone has his or her own reasons for starting. Whether it's a young star in the making—which believe me, most MotoGP pros start with Minimoto—or just someone looking for some quality fun with the family, this sport is the next big (or little) thing in the motorcycle racing world.

Big Riders, Tiny Bikes - How to get Started in Minimoto USA

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Would you believe me if I told you it’s just as easy as showing up? Don’t have a bike? Again, no worries they’ve got you covered. Helmets, tracksuit, boots—they have it all if you’re looking to rent. Even with zero experience, the staff at Minimoto USA are there to get you on a bike and have your knee dragging by the end of the weekend.Of course, you can bring your own bike, even if it’s having some issues. They have mechanics on site to help you get it up and running back on the track.

If you're looking to buy everything, a bike could run anywhere from $200 for a used fixer to around $3000 for a new, good quality machine. A full gear setup could cost around $1000, and a weekend of racing including travel, entry fees, and fuel could run around $500-$1500.

Big Riders, Tiny Bikes - How to get Started in Minimoto USA

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The community is what I find sets these guys apart. I have not found a better group of people that are there to make sure you are happy and welcome. From the moment you wake up to sundown it’s just great times for the entire family. You’ll want to stay the entire weekend. Be sure to bring a tent or trailer if you’ve got it.

Let me go into a few specifics: Minimoto USA is not just for 40cc or 50cc pocket bike. There are classes for all racers of different skills and sizes. Yes grown men can race the 40cc bikes, but you can also find kids on 500cc bikes if they’re willing to compete— pretty much anything up to a 600cc is welcomed. Most events last a weekend at the track and you’ll find everyone prepared with tents and trailers. The races continue through the weekend, and on the final day there is a large community dinner.

So whether it be teaching your kids a new fun sport that encourages discipline, friendship, and good judgment, or it be you yourself wanting to get out there and race smaller bikes—I encourage you to go give it a shot. It’s fun for individuals or the entire family.

To check out the track dates for the upcoming season, check out www.minimotousa.com or for any questions shoot an email to info@minimotousa.com. (Note: The 2015 season schedule has yet to be posted, but keep checking back and go have some fun!)

Photos courtesy of VanceMalone.com

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Big Riders, Tiny Bikes - How to get Started in Minimoto USA
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