CCM’s “Skunkwerks” division to reveal new Bobber model at the 2018 MCN London Motorcycle Show.

When CCM pulled the cover off its first Spitfire model, the boutique British marque was met with one of the warmest receptions I've ever seen from the motorcycle world. Despite a production run of only 150 units, the stylish machine garnered a ridiculous amount of attention, resulting in CCM completely selling out within two weeks. The success of the company’s first Spitfire was followed by additional Spitfire variants in the form of a Scrambler and then a Tracker. On February 16th, Clewes Competition Machines will unveil a Bobber version of the sexy 600cc single-powered scoot.

CCM Set to Unveil Spitfire Bobber Variant

The bobber announcement came in the form of a Youtube teaser video that continues the modern motorcycle industry’s grand tradition of shooting promos with as little lighting as possible. Despite its darkness, the video makes it clear that the manufacturer will be launching a 150 unit production run of a Spitfire Bobber. While details are incredibly scarce, there are a number of things that one can safely assume. All of the different Spitfire variants share the same same beautiful, handmade, carbon-steel trellis chassis, tank, top-shelf adjustable WP suspension, Brembo brakes, and the 55hp, four-stroke, Husqvarna TE630 single that powers the bikes, so we can expect to see these features on the upcoming Bobber.

CCM Set to Unveil Spitfire Bobber Variant

Like the rest of the Spitfire lineup, the Bobber is guaranteed to be an exercise in minimalist motorcycle design,a look that combines raw beauty and mechanical function. CCM intentionally limits the production runs to 150 in order to skate around certain homologation laws and regulations. Thanks to the small number, CCM can sell bikes without having to worry about including a catalytic converter, airbox, or any other part required on large-scale production machines.

CCM Set to Unveil Spitfire Bobber Variant

Unsurprisingly, every Spitfire version has sold out thanks to gorgeous design and a reasonable price of just under $10K. Based on the prior models, the Bobber will likely fall into the same price bracket. It should also be interesting to see the other small tweaks that will separate the Bobber from the rest of the Spitfire lineup, though you can probably guess what style of seat and exhaust the upcoming scoot will boast.

We’ll be sure to update you upon the release of the highly anticipated machine from Clewes Competition Machines.

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